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We’re Isabelle and Ali, the couple behind Sunday in Soho. After 10 years of living in New York City, we moved to Paris two years ago for an incredible job opportunity. We lived in a tiny temporary apartment with no kitchen for what was suppose to be 2 weeks but turned into 3 months.


During that time we ate out every, single, day. As grands as it may seem it was tiring, expensive and unfulfilling. We learned the ins and outs of the Paris dining scene, but struggled to find good food that was healthy, convenient and affordable. The type of places you could find all over NYC, L.A. or London.


We missed the neighborhood deli where owner remembers your name & order, the healthy bowls that made mid- day lunch worth remembering and the ever so important weekend brunch were the food was always as good as the vibe.


After settling into our permanent apartment, we started cooking and packing our lunches which is something we had never thought of doing in NYC. We started hosting dinner parties and eventually catering events. We went from a young couple to a family with the birth of our daughter. And from no friends to a community built through our love of food. It led to the realization that we weren’t the only ones missing this experience everyone was.


One of the things that bonded us when we first met was our love of food and travel. Food is our way to experience cultures and our favorite way to spend time with friends and family. We used to get together with friends on Sunday in SoHo and Ali would cook what he had found at the farmers market that morning. It was his way to relax and re- boot at the end of a long week, a moment to connect with friends in the midst of our hectic lives.


We decided to open Sunday in Soho to create a place where you can escape in the middle of your busy day for a delicious and healthy meal, a coffee or a sweet treat. A place that is welcoming, where the people know your name and the atmosphere is always on par with the food. When you visit Sunday you are always welcomed with smiles and a hug (most likely from our daughter) and you can expect nutritious food that tastes good and makes you feel good too.


Welcome to Sunday.