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Lively and energetic cafe deli bakery with a globally inspired menu. Serving breakfast, seasonal bowls, sandwiches and salads for week day lunch and a fun indulgent brunch on the weekend. To-go or take away we bring sunshine and smiles to Paris with good vibes served daily because it should be Sunday funday everyday. 


Some of Our Favorites —


Sailor Man 

Poulet croustillant, galette de pommes de terre, bacon, cheddar, roquette, accompagné d'une sauce aioli maison sur son pain brioché 


Greenback Toast

Avocats en morceaux, un oeuf, tomates cerises grillées, feta et herbes sur une tranche de pain croustillant artisanal 


Beyonce (aka) The Queen B 

Quinoa, salade kabbouleh, coconut carrots, émincé de courgettes au basilic accompagné d'une mousseline de betteraves maison. Notre plat vegan le plus flawless (V/GF) 


Blue Crush Bowl

Mélange de bananes, fruits de la passion, ananas et algue bleue, recouvert de granola maison & fruits (GF) (VG)


Down under

Banana bread fait maison, toasté et recouvert de ricotta, miel, baies de saison et brisures d'amandes


Découvrez notre Menu complet  — 

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7, rue Saint Marc / 1, rue des Panoramas
75002, Paris 



Mon – Fri, 8:30 am – 4 pm
Sun, 10 am – 4 pm


We only accept reservations online.
We will keep your reservation for 15 minutes after your scheduled time. Beyond this delay we cannot guarantee your table will still be available.

For reservations of more than 8 people please email hello@sundayinsoho.com.

Thank you for understanding. We look forward to welcoming you!




Reservations online only.